• Delivering High Performance!!!
    Ensuring lightning fast internet…
    We understand how critical internet has become for businesses,
    for their smooth operations. Whether you are
    an auto major, a bank, a shopping mall,
    or an IT firm, we ensure the best internet, the best bandwidth.
  • Exciting New Plans for
    Your Family!
    Start Exploring. Stay Connected
  • Rising Above the
    Expectations With Every Call!
    A call from a prospective client or a distant relative, you’ll love communicating
    with delDSL’s home and business telephones.
An Experience like Never Before…
With delDSL’s telephone services, you get to experience total cost control, low rental plans, exciting offers and easy billing. They are flexible, with crystal clear voice, and everyone (even our grannies!) knows how to use them at homes. The optic fiber cables used in the telephones gives you clear sound clarity and no disturbances at all!

Celebrate a Brighter Future with delDSL!
Explore all that we’ve to offer you! Choose your product and step into a brighter future with-

  • Hi-Speed Downloads

    Say no to freezing pages! Start enjoying faster downloads and uninterrupted streaming.
  • Crystal Clear Pictures

    Experience a revolutionary way of bringing your TV to life. Watch channels of your choice with a clarity that is, better than the best.
  • Better Sound Quality

    Speak your heart out, without any interruptions! Domestic or international calls, the sound quality is unmatchable.

Discover delDSL products
Watch, browse, and speak with speed and quality, better than the best!


  • Fibre Optic Connectivity
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Single Mode of Payment

For Me For Business


  • Browse Internet with High Speed
  • Stream Unlimited Videos
  • Value Added Services
For Me For Business


  • Better Sound Clarity
  • Zero Disturbance
  • Great Calling Features
For Me For Business