High Speed Internet

delDSL brings you the best plans, an incredible range of services and a lot more. When it comes to surfing the internet from the comfort of your homes, then delDSL is the preferred choice among the households. With the optic fiber cables, browsing from homes has never been so easy and relaxing!


With delDSL’s telephone services, you get to experience total cost control, low rental plans, exciting offers and easy billing. They are flexible, always on, and everyone (even our grannies!) knows how to use them at homes. The optic fiber cables used in the telephones gives you clear sound clarity and no disturbances at all!

Television and Video (Cable TV, Video on Demand & Special Channels)

delDSL provides more ways than ever to enjoy your television viewing experience. We’re talking about Cable TV, Video on Demand and Special Channels. Watch unlimited channels in the Cable TV with amazing sound and picture quality and watch past episodes that you missed out on from video on demand service. When you’re with delDSL you can bid goodbye to boring commercials and just be in the company of special channels you’ve chosen.