About delDSL

The future of high speed fibre technology, delivered at your homes and offices. We are staffed by a team of techno savvy engineers on a mission to save you from, outdated copper networks with our new future-proof fibre packages!

delDSL offers consistent Internet, Telecom, and Data services to businesses, and common households. Set up in 2000, delDSL, today, is a widely respected company in India that offers services, which include, but are not limited to, DelTEL, DelNET, DelNELDEE, Internet Telephony (VoIP), and Fiber to The Home (FTTH).

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds. So, they could be common households, small businesses, large businesses, and everyone in between. Here is a quick list: Maruti, Fidelity, RBS, Interglobe Technologies, Group4, Bajaj, Star Health Insurance, China Trust bank, and Royal Plaza Hotel. Ambience Mall in Gurgaon and Vasant kunj are also serviced exclusively on our network.

We are the first in the country to start cutting-edge DSL deployment. We’re also the largest BSNL partner for telephony services! We have a robust network to implement FTTH solutions backed by solid relationships with upstream TELCOs. With FTTH, we are on our way to revolutionize the very way telecommunication needs of corporate world, and common households are met.

Enjoy the freedom of endless possibilities with delDSL!

delDSL creates tremendous value for the developers by making their projects "Telecom Ready." And, Telecom Ready Homes (apartments/flats) are far more saleable than the ordinary ones.